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Refrigerator Repair;

Keeping your refrigerator efficiently maintained is imperative to food safety. When your refrigerator is not cooling properly, it's often hard to detect. When the freezer stops working, you may realize it only after your freezer items thaw out. Scheduling an appointment with a R and S Appliance repair as soon as possible is a must. With the cost of food being so high, you can't afford to just throw it out. If you notice that your food is starting to thaw, transfer your food to an ice chest with ice, or to another refrigerator or freezer then call us. To save money, you may be tempted to try to repair your refrigerator on your own, unless you are an experienced appliance repair tech, repairing a fridge without taking the necessary safety precautions is not recommended. Injuries and even death may result from repairing any appliance, including a refrigerator or freezer. Electrical standards must be met and considered first by an experienced, licensed appliance repair technician. Before you attempt to repair any appliance yourself, please call me. You'll be pleased with the affordable appliance repair pricing and you can rest knowing that an experienced appliance repair technician will fix your refrigerator.

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